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French Pancakes

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caramel bonafee french pancakes

Caramel Bonafee

Our original sticky caramel with fresh bananas in classic pancake combo

indulge in chocolate french pancakes

Indulge in Chocolate

Mouth-watering gooey chocolate (a fine Belgian favourite) topped with almond flakes and brownie chunks

nutella forever french pancakes

Nutella Forever

A great chocolate hazelnut paste is the ultimate taste for a sweet tooth

mango mania french pancakes

Mango Mania

Sweet mangoes layered with cream cheese

Very Very Strawberry french pancakes

Very Very Strawberry

Yummy winter strawberries mixed with nutella

Holland Pancakes

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maple lady holland pancakes

Maple Lady

Classic dutch mini pancakes with maple syrup

jelly berry holland pancakes

Jelly Berry

Mini pancakes layered with cream cheese, cheesecake crumble, blueberries and grape jelly

bbc holland pancakes


Mini pancakes with banana, bonaffee caramel and chocochips

mini mango holland pancakes

Mini Mango

Mini pancakes topped with fresh mangos, cream cheese and chocochips

Holla Nutella

Mini pancakes coated with icing sugar, topped with nutella and served deliciously hot

bed riding hood holland pancakes

Red Riding Hood

Mini pancakes with fresh strawberries, chocochips and nutella

chocolate lovely holland pancakes

Chocolate Lovely

chocolate lovely holland pancakes

Simply Orange

King Kong Shakes

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the great mango king kong king kong shakes

the great mango king kong

Mango thick shake with mango bubbles topped with ice cream and fresh mangoes

magical strawberries king kong shakes

magical strawberries

Thick strawberry shake with berry bubbles mixed with strawberries and ice cream

crazy nutella

Rich nutella shake with vanilla ice cream topped with nutty chips, injected with nutella


Chocolate shake topped with ice cream, truffle and oreos


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Berry Blast

Raspberry flakes with strawberry bubbles

Tango Mango

Mango flakes with mango bubbles

Choco Rocks

Chocolate flakes with brownie chunks and chocolate sauce


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coconut surprise desserts

Coconut surprise

Coconut with layer of milk chocolate mousse and brownie crumble

roman helmet desserts

Roman Helmet

Chunks of brownie with chocolate tonka beans and Ferrero chocolate

trumps tiramisu desserts

Trumps Tiramisu

Creamy mascarpone with coffee tinch and crusty feel

the tart desserts

The tart

Caramelized chocolate tart with rice crispies

talk of the town desserts

Talk of the town

Crispy hazelnut compote with fine granules of ganduja mix

tom berry desserts

Tom & Berry

Double chocolate mousse and cherry compote

sunny side desserts

Sunny Side

No bake cheesecake with pineapple and sesame


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choco orange chocolates

Choco orange

Gourmet chocolates with a tinge of tangy orange in every morsel.

hazelnut chocolates


Go nutty with fresh hazelnuts emulsified in genuine pure chocolate.

white strawberry chocolates

White strawberry

Dazzle your sweet cravings with savory white chocolate loaded with strawberry delight.

white orange chocolates

White orange

Explore the taste of tangerine orange flavours fused with premium delicate white chocolate.

coffee chocolates


High-quality Coffee beans ground and instilled in romantic flavored chocolates that commence the perfect mood.

cashew chocolates


Crunchy cashew nuts perfectly packed and loaded in every bite coated in classic chocolate.